May 19, 2024

Reproduction in Plants Class 7 MCQs

1. How is pollen typically transported in plants that rely on insects for pollination


2. What is the process where the male and female reproductive cells fuse to form a zygote in plants


3. In the process of photosynthesis, what is the primary source of energy for plants


4. What is the method of seed dispersal where seeds are scattered away from the parent plant


5. What is the term for the process of plants attracting pollinators to facilitate pollination


6. Which part of a flower connects the stigma to the ovary


7. What is the method of asexual reproduction in plants where a new plant develops from an underground stem


8. In potatoes, which part is used for vegetative propagation


9. Which part of a flower is often brightly colored to attract pollinators


10. What is the male reproductive cell in plants that is released from the anther


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