November 12, 2023

General Science Class 7 MCQs

General Science Class 7 MCQs and Q.A is providing General Science Class 7 MCQs of Sindh Textbook Board on its website. Here, students can find MCQs of various chapters such as Human Organ Systems, Transport System in Human and Plants, Reproduction in Plants, Environment and Feeding Relationships, Water, Structure of an Atom, Physical and Chemical Changes, Transmission of Heat, Dispersion of Light, Sound Waves, Circuits and Electric Current, Investigating the Space, etc. to prepare for their exams. These MCQs are verified and up-to-date as per the latest syllabus. With these MCQs, students can easily practice and revise the concepts and perform well in the exams, we will also try to provide you class 7 science mcqs pdf.

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Chapter 1: Human Organ Systems

Chapter 2: Transport System in Human and Plants

Chapter 3: Reproduction in Plants

Chapter 4: Environment and Feeding Relationships

Chapter 5: Water

Chapter 6: Structure of an Atom

Chapter 7: Physical and Chemical Changes

Chapter 8: Transmission of Heat

Chapter 9: Dispersion of Light

Chapter 10: Circuits and Electric Current

Chapter 11: Investigating the Space

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